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  • Reduce stress, anxiety and cortisol levels
  • Improve thyroid function
  • 100% natural formula with no synthetic ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and free 2-day shipping
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About Vitacare's Ashwagandha Supplement

The results you experience with organic ashwagandha capsules are dependent on the type, strength and dosage of ashwagandha extract delivered. According to research, ashwagandha extracted from leaves contains high levels of Withaferin-A, which can be toxic to cells in higher concentrations. Sourced from pure ashwagandha root, our Ashwagandha capsules contain the optimum concentration of withanolides to boost stress relief, adrenal health and thyroid support.

ORGANIC BLACK PEPPER EXTRACT FOR ABSORPTION BOOST: While Ashwagandha is recognized for its extraordinary potential, its health benefits can be compromised due to limited absorption. That’s why we have added 10 mg of organic black pepper extract to maximize results. According to clinical studies, black pepper extract has been shown to increase absorption by up to 2000%, making our formula more effective than other ashwagandha supplements that do not contain clinically proven bioenhancers.*

ashwagandha root capsules must be extra potent to have the highest concentration of withanolides. While most ashwagandha supplements in the market only contain 1000-1200 mg of ashwagandha powder per serving, our ashwagandha root capsules are made with a whopping 1300 mg of organic ashwagandha per serving to help provide superior anti-stress and anti-anxiety support.

NO FILLERS - NO BINDERS - NO RICE CONCENTRATE - NO GMOs: Unlike many other ashwagandha capsules that contain gelatin, rice concentrate, magnesium stearate, silica and other harmful binders and fillers, our 100% pure ashwagandha supplement is FREE of fillers, binders, animal by-products, chemicals and preservatives.

VEGAN-FRIENDLY - GLUTEN-FREE - SOY-FREE - SUGAR-FREE - DAIRY-FREE: Our organic ashwagandha root is sustainably sourced and harvested with care. It is vegan-friendly, gluten-FREE, dairy-FREE, and FREE of all common allergens, such as peanuts, tree nuts, lactose, eggs, shellfish, milk, fish, wheat, corn, soy, sesame and palm derivatives.

The Benefits of Ashwagandha Supplement

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and cortisol levels
  • Improve thyroid function
  • Combat adrenal fatigue
  • Enhance mood and sleep
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Boost energy levels and immune system
  • Reduce joint pain and inflammation
  • Optimize memory and cognitive function
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Stabilize hormones and endocrine health
  • Improve libido and sexual function

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